Anderson Capital Corporation


    Anderson Capital offers both sell-side and buy-side mergers and acquisitions representations.  In a typical seller representation, Anderson Capital provides the following services:


  • Identification of strategic objectives    
  • Preparation of preliminary valuation
  • Preparation of the offering memorandum
  • Identification and contact of potential strategic and financial candidates
  • Due diligence interface
  • Negotiation of the transaction
  • Coordination of the closing


    Anderson Capital enjoys a national reputation and is in communication with numerous companies across the nation on a regular basis and is frequently able to identify strategic fits and corporate opportunities before they are in play.  This provides the additional benefit of allowing the parties to consummate a quiet, negotiated transaction which carries with it the flexibility to structure the deal to uniquely fit the seller's and buyer's needs.


    Anderson Capital welcomes the opportunity to discuss your strategic objectives and offer our perspective.  We believe significant corporate opportunities exist in all phases of the economic cycle and look forward to putting our expertise to work for your company.